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East Midlands Network Day

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00:00 28 Sep 2013 – 00:00 29 Sep 2013
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Ockbrook School, The Settlement, Ockbrook, Derby DE72 3RJ

This popular conference returns for the 7th year running. There will be a selection of hands on practical workshops for those teaching or supporting the teaching of physics, as well as a lecture from Dr Pete Edwards of Durham University, on "Exoplanets: The Search for other Earths".

The full programme and details of the optional workshops are below.

09.30  Coffee
10.00  Lecture:  "Exoplanets: The Search for other Earths".
11.05   Workshop 1 *
12.10   Workshop 2*
13.10   L U N C H
13.50  Workshop 3 *
14.50  Plenary and Raffle
15.15  C L O S E

*Choose 3 workshops from seven on offer this year:

A How to stage a Physics Show
A lecture demonstration for a whole year group can make a real contribution to engaging and enthusing students.  This workshop will start you off developing your own show, help you plan what you'll need to do and provide lots of ideas and resources to get you going. Key Stages 3 to 5.

B  Alternating Current
Understanding the principles of alternating current can be a difficult area for students.  This workshop will focus on be how we can demonstrate / investigate the principles of alternating current. It will be aimed at specialists and non-specialists.  Key Stages 4 and 5.

C Electromagnetic Spectrum
The session will focus on classroom experiments and demonstrations to help with teaching the key properties of the electromagnetic spectrum, and to identify and tackle misconceptions. Key Stages 3 to 5.

D KS3 Physics Ideas 2: Starters to engage
This is a workshop for anyone wanting some new ideas for teaching physics at KS3 – you could be a non-specialist or relatively new to teaching.  No in-depth subject knowledge is needed.  Key Stage 3

E Toys to teach Physics
In this workshop you can find out how to use a wide range of inexpensive toys (and some food!) to teach Physics.  Not just for year 7, the toys approach can be used at GCSE and A level too.  Key stages 3 to 5.

F What happens next?
The workshop consists of series of short practical demonstrations, using very simple apparatus, often with discrepant and surprising outcomes. These promote pupil engagement and discussion and allow the teacher to listen to their pupils’ alternative conceptions in a relaxed and enjoyable situation. Key stages 3 to 5.

G How to run an engineering day
Bob skeleton is an extreme winter sport in which athletes slide head first down an ice covered track on a sled.  You will build and test a model of the skeleton bob. Next you will be shown how to organise an engineering day that allow students to apply their Physics, Mathematics and ICT knowledge in a ‘real’ situation.  The question students will be aspiring to answer is: Athlete or machine - which is more important in the bob skeleton event? Key stages 4 and 5.

Event type: Conference
Organised by: Institute of Physics
Contact details: To book places, please complete our online booking form. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Natasha Plaister at natasha.plaister@iop.org.

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Ockbrook School, The Settlement, Ockbrook, Derby DE72 3RJ
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00:00 28 Sep 2013 – 00:00 29 Sep 2013
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