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Electronic Properties of Modern Materials

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00:00 17 Nov 2015 – 00:00 19 Nov 2015
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Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire, UK

Advanced electronic materials are one of the most exciting research frontiers in the physical sciences. Electron-electron correlations generate ever more surprising collective states with novel symmetries, novel topologies and new types of excitations. Many of these materials interact with electric an magnetic fields in new ways, offering the prospect of disruptive technologies. Understanding and controlling such complex forms of quantum matter requires cutting-edge facilities and ground-breaking ideas.

This meeting will be a focal point for the community of physicists, chemists and materials scientists using synchrotron, neutron, and muon sources as well as low-temperature, computational and theoretical techniques to investigate magnets, superconductors, multiferroics and other advanced materials. Specifically it aims to: foster links between the Diamond and ISIS user communities in the fields of strongly correlated electrons/magnetism/superconductivity (both physics and chemistry); showcase Diamond's capabilities in these areas; and foster links between the theory and experimental communities.

• Quantum Magnetism
• Frustrated Magnetism
• Unconventional pairing in superconductors
• Multiferroic order
• Topological defects and excitations
• Topological order and quantum phase transitions

Keynote Speakers
• James Annett (University of Bristol)
• Felix Baumberger (PSI, Switzerland)
• Steve Bramwell (University College, London)
• Laurent Chapon (Institut Laue Langeving)
• Radu Coldea (University of Oxford)
• Andrew Goodwin (University of Oxford)
• Andrew Harrison (CEO, Diamond Light Source)
• George Jackeli (MPI for Solid State Research, Stuttgart)
• Stephen Lovesey (Diamond Light Source)
• Des McMorrow (University College, London)
• Matt Rosseinsky (University of Liverpool)
• Nicola Spaldin (ETH Zurich)
• James Dracott (EPSRC)
• Steven Lovesey (STFC)

Event type: Conference
Sponsored by: IOP Magnetism and Superconductivity groups
Organised by: Diamond Light Source
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Diamond Light Source, Oxfordshire, UK
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00:00 17 Nov 2015 – 00:00 19 Nov 2015

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