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South Yorks: Day for Everyone Teaching Physics

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09:00 – 15:45 27 Jun 2017
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Tapton School Darwin Lane, Sheffield, S10 5RG

Speakers: Dr Ed Daw, Sheffield University, and others

This free event is for all teachers of physics, technicians and trainees and is organised by the Institute of Physics' Stimulating Physics Network and Tapton School.

The day is designed to inspire your teaching, upgrade and develop your practical physics skills and present new ideas and suggestions to incorporate into your teaching armoury. We hope it accomplishes this by a mixture of lectures, workshops, masterclasses and the inevitable congenial networking over a nice lunch.

09:00 Registration and coffee
09:30 Welcome
09:45 Lecture: 'Sounds Amazing' by Dr Ed Daw, Sheffield University
10:45 Coffee/break
11:00 Workshop 1*
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Workshop 2*
14:00 Workshop 3*
15:00 Lecture: 'Physics Showing Off' by the Institute of Physics
15:45 Farewell

A. 'Getting to grips with Energy': recent changes to the energy specs have caused some discomfort in some quarters. Come to this workshop to help get a few of them smoothed out!
B. 'Doing Physics': a series of 20 short intriguing practicals, cheap and easy to set up which provoke the question 'why is it doing that?' . These are very flexible and may be used as starters, revision or as an overview at the start of a new topic.
C. 'Everyday Physics with Marvin and Milo': Marvin and Milo will guide you through some Everyday Physics practicals. Their experiments all use readily-available, cheap items to create some Physics fun! Some of the practicals make great starters or plenaries, while others could be extended into more detailed investigations. The session will give you ideas across the Physics curriculum and the key stages.
D. 'Make and Take Rockets': Using simple plumbing components this workshop is designed to give practical hands on insights into the nature of rocketry. Each participant in this workshop will also take one away!
E. 'Forces and Gravity': an alternative way of spicing up this topic using cheap and easily available equipment.
F. 'Earth in Space': a practical approach to awakening interest in this topic that can be taught skimpily due to 'lack of practicals'.
G. 'The new GCSE required practicals': an overview and suggestions as to how they might be approached.

Event type: Event
Organised by: The Institute of Physics' Stimulating Physics Network and Tapton School
Contact details: Contact details: James O'Neil, James@phys1cs.net
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Tapton School Darwin Lane, Sheffield, S10 5RG
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09:00 – 15:45 27 Jun 2017
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