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Stimulating Physics Network CPD Day

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09:00 – 16:00 18 Oct 2014
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Dulwich College,
Dulwich Common,
SE21 7LD

SPN Physics CPD day at Dulwich College SATURDAY 18th  October 2014

9.00 to 16.00

This day is open to all secondary teachers of Physics and Science, specialist and non-specialist. Lunch and refreshments will be provided and there is no charge for the day. All we ask is that, if you book a place, you attend (we often have a waiting list for places).

The workshops and activities are targeted at KS3 and KS4 level. There are no A level sessions. Technicians are also welcome and will find workshops worthwhile but there is no specific ‘thread’ of sessions this year.

Please select one workshop from each session.

Session 1 – 9.35 -10.55

1A – KS3 Energy.

Making sense of the approach to teaching Energy in the new KS3 curriculum – Stores and Pathways.

1B – Cosmology.

We’ll focus on the teaching of two challenging concepts at KS4 – the Big Bang and the life cycle of stars. It includes an introduction to the IOP’s free DVD Teaching Astronomy and Space (11-16) and suggestions of accessible teaching activities.

1C – Teaching the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum.

Looks at innovative ways of teaching the electromagnetic spectrum including making a spectroscope!

Session 2 – 11.20 – 12.40

2A – KS3 Energy

This is a repeat of session 1A

2B – Interactions and Momentum

Explore Newton’s Third law, Conservation of Momentum and how these concepts have been used to make cars safer and try out some great experiments.

2C - Dealing with Misconceptions in KS3 Forces

Being aware of the common misconceptions will make your lessons easier to plan and more effective.

2D - Refraction, Lenses and Telescopes.

This workshop covers refraction effects, the images formed by lenses and their use in telescopes.

LUNCH – 12.40 – 13.30

Session 3 –13.30 – 14.30

3A - Money Matters

Ways of using money to teach Physics ideas.

3B – Girls in Physics

Exploring issues and some ideas for action to help ‘Improve the Gender Balance’.

3C – Encouraging TALK in Physics lessons

A series of activities to structure appropriate talk and group work in Physics lessons.

Session 4 –14.35 – 15.35

4A - Money Matters

This is a repeat of session 3A. Ways of using money to teach Physics ideas.

4B – Using TOYS to teach Physics.

Showing how many different toys can illustrate Physics ideas and applications.

4C – What happens next?

A collection of activities to stimulate discussion (good for exploring understanding).

4D – ‘Do Physics’

A collection of 20 short activities to illustrate physics ideas + careers information.

Evaluations and Farewells –15.35 – 15.50

Event type: Conference
Organised by: Stimulating Physics Network

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Location icon
Dulwich College,
Dulwich Common,
SE21 7LD
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09:00 – 16:00 18 Oct 2014
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