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Yorkshire Teacher Network Day: A day for everyone teaching physics

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00:00 9 Oct 2013 – 00:00 10 Oct 2013
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University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT

This conference for everyone teaching physics is a mix of practical workshops, inspiring talks and networking. Sessions will be suitable for those new to physics as well as experienced teachers and will concentrate on ideas that you can use in your labs and classrooms. 

Technicians and trainees are also very welcome. There is no cost for the course, and lunch is provided.

The full timetable is below.

09.30  Registration & Coffee
10.00 Lecture: "Problem Solving and the Rutherford School Physics Project" - Prof Mark Warner, Cambridge University.
10.55   Workshop 1 *
12:00   LUNCH
12.45  Workshop 2 *
13.50  Lecture: “A refresher on Einstein’s Special Relativity” - Dr Mike Evans, Leeds University
14:45  Bingo & Evaluation
15.00  Coffee

*Choose 2 workshops from four on offer:

A Build your own “rocket” launcher
You can then use the compressed air launcher in the classroom to engage students with the design of the rockets. Through modifications such as adding fins or altering the shape of the nose cone, students can theorise and then try out how a rocket’s flight path can be affected. KS 3,4,5.

B My bulb won’t work! Teaching ELECTRICITY without the fire fighting
This session covers teaching electricity at KS 3/4 and includes:
•       useful models and pupil starting points,
•       sharing ideas to make electricity relevant and fun,
•       teaching strategies and troubleshooting.

C Best of Science Enhancement
A circus of 20 simple SEP experiments to try.  Suitable for KS3 and 4 with suggestions for stretch to KS5.

D Jolting the Jaded
In a career teaching physics you’ll meet thousands of small, fun experiments that all children ought to experience at some time in their school career.  Over the years some get forgotten.  We’ve gathered a few of them together – new ideas and old favourites and this workshop is an opportunity to try them out and consider where best to slot them into your teaching.  Bring a camera so none get forgotten again!

Event type: Conference
Organised by: Institute of Physics
Contact details: To book places, please complete our online booking form. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Natasha Plaister at natasha.plaister@iop.org.

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University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT
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00:00 9 Oct 2013 – 00:00 10 Oct 2013
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